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Space Invaders is one of the most famous computer games of all time, and even if you're not a hardcore gamer, you've surely played it at some point in your life.

Now you can play an authentic version the original Space Invaders from 1978 on your phone. Taito and EA have teamed up on this one, and the result is a game that makes you feel like you're holding a shrunken 80s arcade machine in the palm of your hand.

Sure, the graphics aren't state-of-the-art and the sound is very primitive, but then they're not supposed to be. The best thing about Space Invaders has always been its addictive gameplay and the fact that you can pick up and play it so easily.

Now for the bad news - unfortunately, this is a very, very limited demo of the Space Invaders game. You only get a minute's gameplay before being directed to the Pot Noodle site where you can order the game (this version is part of a tie-in with the snack). This doesn't even give you time to get past the first level which, in my opinion, s very stingy on the part of the developer.

Space Invaders is an all-time classic and this is an authentic recreation of the original. But the demo is so short it's hardly worth bothering with.